Where to park in Brighton
This site is aimed at those of you who commute, work in or looking to shop in Brighton
Just beware of parking properly in Brighton, see our views and comments on those below.

Do try to fit in that parking bay provided! - Ok so sometimes the parking lines might not be straight!
get in that parking bayThink this one sticking out just a tad Is it me or is that parking line a bit wobbly
How about the inconsiderate parking? - Another one here, ok lads, one two three lift.
inconsiderate parking parking on the corner?
Taxi drivers, Fire or Police 'Its okay Im a professional'
taxi on the corner?Its quiet, only having a chat
Its okay Im on a jobIts okay theres no Fire here
'Its okay Im a professional too' Urgent Sky dish.
Its an urgent Sky dish, Corrie tonight!
Im allright its a council van Its allright its another council van
Were allright we got a council van with a logo!
A pair right ones here, and empty bays
The regular School run. Safety for MY child...
The School runNot be long
Take care where you park in Brighton or you may get a lift!
giving that van a lift from parking!
Got an Artic, thats ok then...
Sorry mate got unload somewhere... What would you ticket, car or Artic?
Ok not all the road improvements help much, pinchpoints on corners, or dead ends.
Having trouble with those pinchpoints Id like to turn right, pinchpoints grr! Get me outta here!
Talking of road improvements, Preston Circus Relief Road that never got sorted!.
Preston Circus Relief Road
Its okay Ive got a disabled badge, Im in Woolworths. Im a Chef in there mate. Police Officer on a bad day!
Having a badge is not can park car anywhere Seen having a badge, well they are chefs in Preston Street! Maybe it had been a long day for the Police Officer...
Tried taking your tools to work on the bus?
Tried taking a ladder on the bus? How about your wheelbarrow?
Obviously not everyone can use the bus, ladders or wheelbarrows not the best things to bring on board!
But worth checking out times and prices from;
Brighton & Hove Bus Company

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